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Headstones In Platte City, MO

A headstone marks the grave of a loved one, but it is so much more than that. It is also a loving tribute and a way that you and others will honor your loved one for many years to come. There are many choices of headstones in Platte City. Headstones are generally made of a strong and durable natural stone such as granite. Granite is among the hardest types of stones and is a good, long-lasting choice.

How to Choose Headstones in Platte City

One of the first decisions you must make is the style of a headstone that you prefer. Generally, you want to make sure that you closely match the style and materials that were used in other grave markers within the family plot. Granite is available in a variety of colors so you will want to pick the color that best fits with the other graves if they have already been marked.

Some family plots use monuments along with headstones in Platte City. The monument marks the entire family plot while each grave utilizes a marker that identifies the particular family member.

Headstones in Platte City come in several different shapes and styles. Some of the most common include flat, slant and bevel. Flat markers are placed directly on the ground and are flush with the surface. Slanted markers have one side that is higher than the other so that it has a slanted appearance that makes it easier to read. Bevel markers have a slight lift that is between flat and slanted.

You can also choose the lettering that you want to use on the grave markers. There are many options to choose from so it is helpful to view the many examples so you can pick the style that you prefer. Gravestones typically include the name of the person along with the birth and death dates. You can add any other details that you like.

Handcrafted Headstones

At Van Vickle Monuments we use time-honored techniques that have been passed along for generations along with new, modern methods. We have developed our skills for crafting beautiful headstones over many years and generations. We take the time to ensure that each headstone we create is masterfully created for a perfect result.

Don’t worry if you are unsure about how to choose a headstone. Our experts are available to assist with the process of picking a headstone that is ideal for your needs. We have a showroom where you can view some of the examples of stones and letterings to decide which you like best. If you have a family plot you may want to choose grave markers for all of the graves at the same time. Then, we will engrave them when needed.

We know that this is a difficult time in your life and we understand the importance of this decision. We will help guide you through the options so you can choose a headstone that will be the best tribute to your loved one as possible. Stop in today to begin the process.

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