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We are a Third Generation Family Owned and Operated Business holding to the Ideas of Quality and Integrity passed on from Father to Son.


In 1923 Brothers Lee and Bill Van Vickle started Van Vickle Brothers Monument Co. in Mound City Mo.In 1935 Lee moved his family to St. Joseph using the latest equipment of the day he started Van Vickle Monuments.After WW II his Sons Eugene and Nelson expanded the business to areas never dreamed of by their Father. Today Brothers Roger and Scott Van Vickle hold to the same traditions of providing the finest quality Memorials using the Latest Computerized Equipment and the same hands-on techniques taught to us by our Forefathers.


Visit our showroom to view sample materials, designs, and to speak with our helpful staff about taking the next step in finding and designing the perfect monument, mausoleum, or civic plaque.

We are conveniently located near downtown, historic Saint Joseph, Missouri.

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