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Headstones for Graves In Smithville, MO

A cemetery is far more than a final resting place for the ones we love who have passed away. Cemeteries are beautiful, peaceful places where we can go to remember those we love whom are no longer with us and think fondly of the memories made during their lifetime. The headstones for graves in Smithville used to identify the final resting place of those we love are immensely personal pieces of recognition noting how they impacted the world during their lifetime.

In order to pay deep respect and remembrance of these loved ones, it’s important to select the right type of headstone. Fortunately, there is time for you to make a considered decision regarding the size, shape, material, inscription, and accessories for the headstone as there is a waiting period from the time of the internment to when a permanent grave marker can be placed. This time can vary from cemetery to cemetery, so it is important to ask what time frame you have to work with. It is also important to note any other rules the cemetery may have pertaining to permanent grave markers.

Another good question to ask yourself is, “What type and length of inscription do you want to inscribe on the headstone?” This is an important decision to make as it can play a large role in the size and shape of the grave marker you choose. If you choose the size and shape before you finalize the inscription you may be unable to include everything you later planned. What type of materials and finishes do you prefer? What font, images, or accessories do you prefer? These details are important to consider as they play a part in the longevity of your loved one’s headstone.

As with anything that is outside and constantly exposed to the elements, gravestones can become worn and even broken over time. Normal wear and tear are to be expected, but as most cemeteries charge a maintenance fee for the upkeep of the grave and grounds, this isn’t something to be concerned with.

If you are utilizing a private cemetery there are things you can do to ensure the headstone doesn’t get overwhelmed with dirt, fungus, or other debris. Your loved ones’ headstone can be maintained through regular cleaning and restoration to make sure that your children, grandchildren, and beyond are able to visit the gravestone and read the inscription. Maintaining a gravestone is important to make sure the lettering stays legible and that proper respect is paid for the deceased.

The type of care you give to your loved ones’ gravestones is largely dependent on the type of material it is. Sandstone, granite, and marble are all-natural stone that are common materials for headstones for graves in Smithville. They are more easily carved than other materials, so they are very popular. Because they’re relatively softer than other materials, however, they may wear much faster than other stone options.

While you could clean and restore a gravestone yourself, it generally is not recommended since it’s highly sensitive and intricate work. However, if you do decide to clean your loved ones’ headstones, be careful not to use any of the following tools or chemicals on the stones:

  • Pressure washers or sandblasters

  • Wire bristled blushers

  • Household cleaners like detergent

  • Bleach and other acidic cleaning substances


These substances and tools may be just fine for other uses, such as cleaning your house or rinsing the exterior of your home or commercial building, but as noted above, the materials used to etch meaningful words and names into headstones will wear away over time if these materials are used to clean headstones for graves in Smithville.

At Van Vickle Monuments we can help you identify the best headstone options for your dedication purposes, providing guidance on the best materials and techniques to customize and honor your loved one’s legacy for years to come for their headstones for graves in Smithville. Call us today at 816-232-5882.

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