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Grave Markers In Maryville, MO

Every person in the world who has ever existed or will ever exist is unique. People live different lives with various ideas, beliefs, preferences, and more. This desire to be original is something that is an innate part of people throughout their lives.

So, when someone we love passes away, we are eager to make the celebration of their lives and their memorials unique and as special as the person who it commemorates. Personalized grave markers in Maryville are a great way to memorialize people we love. Here are some of the ways to personalize your loved one’s headstone so that you’ll always have something to remember them by.

  • Unique Shapes - While you may believe you are limited in the shapes to choose from, working with a creative grave marker design company can help you make your loved one’s headstone shine. In actuality there are so many shapes to choose, it seems you can make a grave marker into almost any shape. Just be sure if you’re really set on a unique or nonstandard grave marker shape, such as a car or truck for the car enthusiasts in your life, that you talk to the cemetery beforehand to brush up on what’s allowed.


  • Layout and Design - There are several different layouts and designs available. At Van Vickle Monuments we know how important these choices are that you’re making. We are here to help you make decisions that your loved one would love and appreciate if they were here to help you make those tough calls.


With the layout and design of your grave markers in Maryville, you’re only limited by your imagination. From custom art to the hundreds of design components you can choose from, we are here to help you work through the design of the perfect grave marker.


  • Epitaph - The epitaph is where you really get to describe what was important to the person who has passed. While many choose to put the names of the person’s significant other and their children, there are so many other things you can include: a verse from the Bible, a quote they were known for, or a quote from a book or poem that was meaningful to them in life. There are now even options to put more writing on the back of the grave marker, so don’t forget that.


  • Accessories - Memorial technology makes it possible now for grave markers in Maryville to be incredibly customizable. From flower vases built into the headstone to solar lights so you can always find your way back to the marker, there are many options to choose from in this regard. Some people are even putting QR codes on grave markers in Maryville to direct visitors to a cause or website that was meaningful to them.


Making sure that we have something to remember those we love who have passed on is an essential piece of our culture as human beings. Death is an essential part of life and the most important thing that we can do when someone dies is remember them. These tips for personalizing grave markers in Maryville will help make sure that your loved one stays in the minds and hearts of all who cared about them.

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